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Every injury or ailment is as unique as the individual who walks through the door. Here at Active Therapy Center, we believe in relieving pain with a multi-faceted approach; so, our experts will work closely with you to create a plan that works specifically for you. In order to expedite your recovery, physical therapy should be coupled with chiropractic care. 


Our bodies are complex and the range of challenges every individual faces is incredibly diverse. That's why we combine the most effective cutting-edge technology with a holistic view of each patient to effectively diagnose and treat any challenges that may arise.

Pairing Physical Therapy with Chiropractic Care

Physical therapy is a discipline that encompasses a variety of drug-free physiotherapy techniques that are designed to relax, retrain, and recondition the muscles that have been injured. These methods include stretching, exercising, and massaging. Physical therapy is an effective way to recover from car accident injuries, sports injuries, personal injuries, repetitive stress injuries, as well as chronic conditions that affect the movement and function of the muscles.

Physical therapy is a strong and welcome addition to chiropractic care. Both methods are drug-free, non-invasive, and highly effective as vehicles for pain relief. Chiropractic spinal adjustments can correct spinal alignment as well as release pinched nerves. This will in turn take pressure off injured discs, and other such areas, improving pain management. Because poorly conditioned muscles can pull the spine right back out of place, physical therapy is an important part of maintaining spinal alignment. Physical therapy addresses the total health of the spine and body.

Here at Active Therapy Center, our approach encourages collaboration between experts in different fields to provide clients with an unparalleled individualized treatment experience. After your initial evaluation, your chiropractor and physical therapist will work in unison to design a rehabilitation program specifically tailored to your situation.

Once we have established a treatment plan, your physical therapist will teach you your assigned exercises and stretches until you feel comfortable and confident doing them regularly at home. During regular appointments, we will assess your progress then adjust exercises and stretches, if required, to keep you on target for a full recovery.

Correct exercise form is important for two main reasons: 1) in order to maximize the therapeutic benefits of each exercise, proper form must be practiced; muscles will get stronger and more flexible. 2) incorrect form can cause further injury and throw your recovery out of balance.

Our physical therapists are always ready to help. To ask any questions or to schedule your physical therapy appointment in Santa Monica, please contact Active Therapy Center today.